• Our photographer snapped over 600 photos yesterday during the opening parade for Arizona’s Pride.

    SSA couples, mixed orientation married couples, trans lds, Boy Scout reps and allied families came to march as Mormons for Marriage Equality. First parade march and we had a great turn out.

    He took many shots of the group that i really liked and a bunch of me sauntering or sashaying or whatever I was doing… I’ll spare you.

    One lady said I was a “beefcake”. So. That happened.

    Beefcake material.


    Photos by Micah Nickolaison.

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      Great pictures! There are a lot of people who are coming around to support full equality.
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      I know a lot of these people!
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      I got the price ledge of marching in gay pride parade this past Saturday with the Mormons For Marriage Equality. It was...
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      Love it!!!!!!-Rae
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